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Anturas AG
Kantonsstrasse 81
CH-8807 Freienbach
Tel. +41 43 540 97 19
mob. +41 78 910 78 55
Fax +41 43 536 41 56


One of our business partners, SARL ESM FRANCE, with its head office in Cannes at the Cote d'Azur, has been established by our Chief Executive in 1996. This company has secured a major part of our international relationships, which significantly contribute towards the success of ANTURAS AG.
Thanks to its excellent contacts to banks in Switzerland, Monaco and France, ANTURAS AG maintains superior networks, which not only include investment companies, life-insurance companies and pension funds, but also project developers, building promoters and owners of real estate packages in Europe and the Middle East, with a special emphasis on the United Arab Emirates.

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